Saturday, July 21, 2012


gosh, revisiting this blog, makes me feel like time really flies extremely fast :P always when i feel like posting sometimes, my mind goes "ai~~~ maybe next time" and it almost has been a year @_@ i remember i wrote a post about rain before somehow i felt like every time when i need to clear my head, there will always be a sudden rain to let me walk under it :P this morning, i woke up and couldn't really get back to sleep, and thought why not go to the park near my house for a run :P It start off with some drizzling drop, extremely fine and gentle with a slow rhythm, it gets heavier and heavier once again, after a long time, i walk slowly under the rain like some lunatic. but this is one of my personal pleasure, i was glad that I never met another idiot walking under the rain before, it would be so weird, i'm glad that till now, that world under the rain belongs to me :P anyway, what are the odds :D I don't really associate rain with gloomy or depressing, rain always reminds me of some good memories. Like a bunch of kids hiding under the play house on the park Like playing under the rain with kakak Like fellow basketballers still insist on continuing the game under the rain I believe rain does have cleansing power although my cloths are heavy because it is soaking wet but i felt lighter, so much lighter.

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